The Winding Road

Time and action has passed since the initiation of this site and blog. No work has been done on it directly, but much has gone forward in terms of finding my feet and coming back to the vein.

Please visit my other projects. You’ll find that they relate quite closely to the theme started here, but have expanded.

In a way, “Go Voluntary!” is more of a Zen koan than a call to action, when you look at the roots of it. But is is a call to apply your choice to respect the choice of others as a first principle of interaction in society. Life is complex, but the ideal can be held to, even when we don’t see how to apply it absolutely.

A number of years ago, Bitcoin got my attention and I saw the potential to change social balances toward individual control of (and responsibility f0r) their own affairs, something that aligns sell with the principle that “Only Self can Choose.”

Soon after, the SAFE Network development project (Project SAFE) came to my attention, and I was hooked. It was much further from being able to perform technologically (and still is a ways off, I think), but the ideal really supports empowerment of individuals with more ability to control aspects of their lives and more necessity to be responsible for the fact.

After a year of involvement in the SAFE Network community (a really unique experience to me) I decided I had to do a podcast and use some of my latent talents to carry my thoughts to others. Thus the SAFE Crossroads podcast was born, and I dubbed myself “the Simpleton of SAFE,” a great moniker for a few reasons, not the least of which is that I’m not geek by any stretch, at a technical level. As I inspect it, though, it is also a good title because I have a real urge to boil things down to their underlying simplicities, those things that hold true throughout a whole sphere of action, and so can be used to evaluate the whole scene. []

So we come ever back to Choice. And Self. The ramifications are truly infinite, because the simplicity is at square zero. There is no more basic thing that I can find that holds true for everyone whether they can see it or not. We confess to the truth of it every time some one else says “Hey!” and we say “Huh? Me?”

And so grew up the Technology & Choice podcast with my dear friend, Robert Worstell. []

And then comes the decentralized Church of Choice. It’s not been launched yet in earnest. Keep your eyes open. It’ll be fun.



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